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Fire Damage LBI, Fire Damage Long Beach Island, Fire Damage Cleanup LBI

Handling A Fire Damage Situation

Fire damage is a disaster no homeowner wants to deal with, but if you do experience it, make sure that the certified and trained professionals from Stretch Cleaning and Restoration in Long Beach Island help you get your home back to normal. Why Choose a Certified Technician? Technicians who are certified and trained appropriately know […]

Carpet Cleaning LBI, Carpet Cleaning Long Beach Island

5 Reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned Before Winter

Yes. We said the “W” word… winter. It’s hard to imagine, but it really is right around the corner. All the children on Long Beach Island will soon be trotting back off to school, and that is a perfect time to have Stretch Cleaning & Restoration step in to help you get your home deep-cleaned […]

Mold Removal Long Beach Island, Mold Removal LBI, Mold Damage Long Beach Island

What is Mold and What Dangers Does it Pose?

It’s usually taken at face value that mold shouldn’t be in your house, and if it’s found it needs to be removed. But do you know the reason behind these words or warning? What exactly is so harmful about it, and how does mold affect your health? Before we dive into the health issues mold […]