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Tips To Help Deal With Water Damage

Water damage disasters are unexpected and can happen to anyone at any given time. Damage caused by flooding, broken water lines, faulty appliances, and sewage backups can be very stressful and overwhelming. You will go through a whole range of emotions when dealing with water damage and none of them are pleasant. One of the […]

Spring Cleaning: Why SoftWash is Best for Your Home’s Exterior

There is no better time of year to give your home a little TLC than spring! That’s why the idea of spring cleaning is so popular, right? We know many of you have power-washing your home’s exterior on your honey-do list over the next few months. However, at Stretch Cleaning, we want to introduce you […]

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Hire a Professional to do Your Spring Cleaning

The concept of spring cleaning goes all the way back to Biblical times. While the meaning was perhaps a little bit different centuries ago, the concept remains the same – using spring as a fresh start. While some people get a high off of doing their spring cleaning (hello, Martha Stewart), that is certainly not […]