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How a Window Cleaning Will Benefit Your Commercial Service

  There are numerous studies that have found a direct correlation between office cleanliness and productivity. A clean office boosts morale, increases attendance, and promotes positivity. Many commercial businesses rigorously clean the office for this reason. However, don’t just stop at vacuuming and dusting! The windows of your business deserve more than a mysterious spray […]

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How to Get Motivated for Spring Cleaning

It can be hard to stay motivated when it comes to cleaning and organizing during a spring cleaning project. Oftentimes our motivation decides to fizzle out and lose its spark; we don’t complete the tasks we wanted to get to, and every year we end up staring at a variety of unfinished projects. Stretch Cleaning […]

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House Cleaning Service in Long Beach Island

  In today’s busy world everyone is on the run. Getting the house clean can sometimes seem like an endless nightmare. You can run around all day long and clean the house just to have your kids scatter stuff around again. Why not make it easier on yourself and have Stretch Cleaning come in and […]