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water damage restoration long beach island

Signs Of Water Damage

Not all water damage in your Long Beach Island home manifests itself in visible areas. With all the pipes in the walls, crawl space, and attic, there may occasionally be hidden water damage. You can prevent more harm to your property and yourself when you begin water damage restoration right away, but you can’t begin […]

water damage restoration long beach island

Most Common Causes Of Water Damage In The Kitchen

Cooking and cleaning in the kitchen wouldn’t be able to be done without water. However, with that being said, water in the wrong place can lead to disaster. When any amount of water is left to sit, water damage is likely to occur. With that being said, not all water damage is immediately noticeable, so […]

flood damage cleanup lbi

Flood Damage Prevention

Storms and extreme tides can cause Long Beach Island to flood because it is a low-lying barrier island. Heavy rains can quickly overwhelm the drains, while tides can cause bay water to back up through storm drains into the streets. These factors make homes in Long Beach Island at a high risk of flooding.  Flood […]