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Identifying A Reliable Disinfecting Service

With the unfortunate circumstances Long Beach Island, the country, and the world is in right now regarding Covid-19, people are looking for companies to make their homes and workplaces feel clean, cared for, and comfortable.  Most people will immediately go straight to the internet to look for disinfecting services nearby, but how can you know […]

Crawlspace encapsulation long beach island

How To Prepare For Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawlspace encapsulation is a term not many people are familiar with. However, it serves a very important purpose and is a service that more people should take advantage of. What crawlspace encapsulation refers to is the process of separating the crawlspace from the actual living quarters of a home. The purpose of this is to […]

crawlspace encapsulation lbi

Effective Crawlspace Encapsulation In LBI

Since crawl spaces are not frequently inhabited areas of the home, they can often be forgotten about. However, your crawlspace in LBI actually impacts the comfort of your entire indoor environment. Most crawl spaces are dark, damp, and, well, gross. This creates the perfect environment for mold growth and pests, and these conditions greatly compromise […]