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What is Mold and How Do I Remove It?

Two very good questions. They may not be the type of questions that keep you up at night but they are valid. If you are able to understand what mold is and how it got into (could get into) your home, then you will be better equipped to prevent it. What is Mold? Mold is […]

mold cleanup lbi, mold removal lbi

Mold Cleanup: How To Combat The Silent Killer

When you hear the term “silent killer,” you may things of several things, including carbon monoxide or ninjas. However, did you know that mold growth in your home can also fall into this list? Mold growth typically occurs after some type of water damage as a result of it being left unchecked and can manifest […]

mold cleanup lbi, mold removal lbi

3 Ways To Know You Need Mold Cleanup

Nobody wants to have mold anywhere near them. Mold is gross, and sometimes mold can be bad for you. However, mold has a way of creeping up on you. It’s noiseless and hard to predict. How many times have you reached into your bread bag or cheese package and been shocked to find that there […]