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Employment Opportunities

Why work at Stretch?

There is a saying:   Either do what you love for work or use your work as a tool to do what you love.  I grew up loving history and maps and wanted to travel the world to see what I read about.  Cleaning at the beach during the summer was perfect.  I was busy in the summer, but at the same time I could surf and enjoy the beach.   In the fall being that I am a city boy from Philadelphia.  I would spend weekends in Philadelphia playing rugby and travel the world in the winter.  Hard work did not bother me and I enjoyed the happiness of my clients when they walked in a clean house and could immediately enjoy their vacation.  I started cleaning carpets and windows, but as you can see at our website,  it grew to much more.  After graduating from Drexel University, I turned it into a career.  We are proud to be a leader in our industry.  Here on Long Beach Island I had the privileged opportunity to meet with many CEO’s, CFO’s, successful business leaders and owners in a relaxed environment.  Most of my clients are very successful.  They worked hard to get where they are and gained much appreciation and respect to the people who work hard on the way to success.  It opened my eyes.   I learned a lot about business from working with them as I was growing.           

I traveled around the world and employ staff from all over the world and have learned that a little help goes a long way.  Whether it is getting on the right bus, what to see, when to go.  So when I have honest, reliable employees that work hard for me and make my life easier and our customers happy, we go out of our way to help our summer staff travel and enjoy our area.  We help organize trips to Philadelphia, New York, Niagara Falls, Six Flags Amusement Park, etc…  For our full time employees we have systems in place try to help enable you to reach your goals and dreams.

We employ Americans and people from all over the world. This is the perfect J-1 summer job! If you are honest, reliable, with a great work ethic, positive attitude and want to join our team and have a summer of great memories or possibly a full time career, you might be the right fit for us.

Please contact us at 609-361-2400 or email your resume to lbi@stretchcleaning.com


Kevin M. Stretch



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