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Four Steps You Should Take When Fire Damage Strikes Your Property

fire damage repair lbi, fire damage cleanup lbiWhen an accidental fire ignites at your home or business, it’s hard to think past the smoke, blaring fire alarm, and the immediate panic that slams into you. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in all the anxiety that a fire prompts, and consequently not remember what to do. Whether you are in the midst of a fire right now or just want to be prepared for the future, Stretch Cleaning and Restoration serving Long Beach Island have compiled a list of steps you should take when you are experiencing a fire on your property.

  1. Evacuate the building, move a safe distance away, and call 911.

The obvious first step you should take when your property is on fire is to evacuate the building. Even if the fire is contained to only one room of the building, you should always err on the side of caution and exit the building anyways in case the fire spreads. If you have children or pets and you can safely evacuate them with you, do so. Once you have exited your home or business, move a safe distance away from it. This often means moving to stand a few buildings away. As soon as you can safely do so, call 911 or your local firefighters to put out the fire.

  1. Find a temporary living arrangement or workspace if you are unable to stay in the building throughout the restoration process.

Many times, even if your home or business is not severely damaged by the fire, you will be unable to remain living or working in it throughout the restoration and insurance process. If possible, see if you can live with a family member or friend temporarily or set up a workspace somewhere else. If you need somewhere to sleep and no one that is willing to take you in, you can also seek out the assistance of local organizations like Salvation Army or American Blue Cross to help you find a place to dwell until you are able to live in your home again.

  1. Contact a local fire damage repair company to assist you.

Fires on your property can be very destructive. Not only do the flames cause damage, but the smoke can also be ruining. It is essential that you call a certified fire damage repair company promptly after the fire so that the fire damage restoration process can be started as soon as possible. Leaving the damage unaddressed can often lead to the damage worsening. If your property is on Long Beach Island or the nearby mainland, contact Stretch Cleaning and Restoration to assist you.

  1. Contact your insurance agent

Contacting your insurance company shortly after the fire damage occurs is essential. They can help you get a claim started. Some fire damage repair companies will also assist you in making a claim. Although some of your possessions will be irreversibly damaged by the fire, insurance companies often typically reimburse you in cash for the items that you lost. This money can go towards helping you make any necessary repurchases and getting your life back to how it was prior to your house fire.

Now that you know these steps to take after fire damage, you can be prepared for whatever the future holds. By following these four steps, you can be ensured that you are dealing with fire damage in the best way possible when it strikes.