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How to Get Motivated for Spring Cleaning

spring cleaningIt can be hard to stay motivated when it comes to cleaning and organizing during a spring cleaning project. Oftentimes our motivation decides to fizzle out and lose its spark; we don’t complete the tasks we wanted to get to, and every year we end up staring at a variety of unfinished projects. Stretch Cleaning in LBI specializes in spring cleaning for you. But, if you are determined to take on your own spring cleaning tasks our experts have compiled a list of motivational tips to help you get through your spring cleaning tasks.

Listen to Music

Create your own playlist of music to help get you through cleaning and organizing. Music has the ability to uplift your spirits and get your feet moving. Spring cleaning will go by so much faster if you feel inspired to dance.

Go Unplugged

Remove the temptations of Facebook and other digital distracting while you perform your spring cleaning tasks. It gets way to easy to become distracted when there is an interesting program on tv or your sister in-law just shared the cutest cat video you just have to watch.  All too often we find ourselves sitting down staring at a screen and the day passed us by.

Let Go!

Our closets can be one of the biggest headaches to clean. In our heads, we can’t seem to let go of that dress we haven’t worn in years. I mean, we are going to lose the weight to fit into it this summer right? The reality is, the clothes we don’t wear anymore are too tight or too dated. There is no shame in throwing out a few old shirts and tacky dresses you use to wear.

Take any of the clothes that you know deep down you won’t be wearing anymore and place them in a bag for donations. Any clothes that have holes or stains throw in a trash bag and drop them in the dumpster.  If you have a hard time letting go just think of all the space you will have for new outfits!

Make Time

If you are going to dedicate yourself to spring cleaning make sure you allow yourself enough time to get it done. Don’t schedule your spring cleaning on a day that is full of other tasks and events. You can use a rewards system to motivate you into spending the time to clean and organize properly.  Set a goal for yourself with a reward at the end if you reach that goal.

Don’t set unrealistic goals! If you know that cleaning the spare room is going to take more than an hour, don’t set your goal for 1 hour.

Keep in mind the Stretch Cleaning in LBI offers complete spring cleaning services. If you other projects you would rather be working on or you are short on time contact our spring cleaning professionals and we get that deep down cleaning crossed off of your “to-do” list.