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How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take?

water damage restoration long beach islandWhen your home in Long Beach Island needs water damage restoration, you may be left wondering how long the process is going to take. We know that getting your home and life back to normal needs to happen as quickly as possible, but also that no shortcuts can be taken if you want a successful water damage restoration. To help you understand a little better just how long water damage restoration takes, we are going to break the process down into two main steps: 1. Cleaning up and drying out the water and 2. Restoring, repairing, and replacing damaged areas. Depending on the size and scope of the water damage, these steps may be quick or take longer, but here is a general idea of just how long water damage restoration may take.

Water Damage Restoration in Long Beach Island

The first and most important step of water damage restoration is drying out your home. The drying process cannot begin until all the standing water in your home has been removed. Depending on how much water is present, extraction can only go as fast as the pumps can remove the water. Since this step dependent on just how major the damage is, it is hard to give a timeline. However, a safe estimate would be to plan on complete water extraction within a couple of hours. Then, it is time to start drying out the area. Commercial-grade air movers drastically reduce drying time, and prove to be much more efficient and thorough when it comes to drying out water damage. These machines circulate air around the room, and when monitored with moisture detection equipment by a technician, we can achieve even faster results. Depending on the situation, to aid in drying the area sometimes drywall or baseboards may be removed and floor mats utilized to absorb water from flooring. A safe timeline for complete drying out would be 3-5 days – again, this step is critical to mitigating further damage so ensuring there is no moisture left behind is the number one priority. 

Now that the damages area has been completely dried, restoring your home can begin. Again, depending on how severe the damage was, this step could range from days to weeks. Once we have been able to determine what can be salvaged and saved and what has been lost to the damage, we can come up with a more accurate timeline on how long repairs or replacements may take. Regardless of how much work your house needs done to get it restored, our crews will devote all their time and attention to your project to provide quality results in a timely manner. During the entire process, we will communicate to you what steps we are one and what still needs to be accomplished so we can all be on the same timeline. Planning on a few weeks to achieve complete restoration is a safe bet, but the best way to ensure your home is restored properly and as soon as possible is to trust the restoration process to the team at Stretch Cleaning