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Radiance Wood Floors

Young Boy Playing With Wooden Toy Car At HomeMany people agree that there is nothing more beautiful than wood floors; however with normal use, the beauty and luster of your floor will eventually be diminished by scuffs, scratches, gouges and an overall dull and worn appearance caused by heavy traffic, pets, sand and furniture. Oftentimes the main concern regarding scratched floors is not the scratch, but the dirt that collects in these scratches.

Our process deep cleans most of the dirt with wonderful results. Then with new polyurethane these scratches are now filled in, so it protects the floor and prevents dirt from collecting there in the future.

Our Three-Step Process

Step 1: First we will carefully remove all furniture and throw rugs from the floor.

Step 2: We apply our special detergents that uniquely deep clean and abrade the old finish (similar to sanding) to receive a beautiful new topcoat. It saves the hours, expense, and the mess of conventional sanding.

Step 3: Finally we apply your choice of a our unique catalyzed wood floor finish which permanently locks with the original finish for an attractive, clear finish that lasts:

  • Satin: Low shine, but highest durability
  • Semi-Gloss: Our most popular choice, this leaves a great shine and great durability, the best of both worlds.
  • Gloss: High shine, but less durability

The next day you’ll be enjoying the satisfaction of having saved money with floors protected by a finish that’s tough and durable as it is beautiful: a Radiance finish.








What Our Clients are Saying

“I manage a busy wedding estate where the hardwood floors take a beating every weekend. I had Radiance come and present their solution. When I saw the end result, I couldn’t believe how theyrestored them back to life! I am more than satisfied with the beautiful job that was performed andam grateful to Kevin and his staff for making my job easy! Thanks!”

~ Ginny Connelly, General Manager – Bonnet Island Estate

“I must start with this statement: “I am in love with my beach house….sand and all”.  Still, sand is the enemy of wooden floors, especially in a kitchen that gets as much traffic as mine.  I focused my “critical eyes” on the multitude of scatches that floor polish was unable to hide and was sure that the floor would have to be resurfaced.  The idea of the dust made me think twice about what I thought of was the only alternative.  I used the services of Stretch Cleaning to clean up some water damage and he suggested this new floor process.  The process took a day, and a minimum of inconvenience to me. I didn’t have to move out nor did I have to clean up dust at all.  Kevin was 100% with his committment to the project and I am quite satisfied.  It is not like a brand new floor, but it certainly has delayed that inevitable day.”

~ Elinor G., Harvey Cedars

“I am very pleased with the results of our hardwood floor refinishing- the floors look awesome! I have worked with Stretch for many years on various projects, and Kevin is very knowledgeable and his crews are very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing services.”

Jackie G. – Beach Haven

“Thank you for your expertise & excelent service in dealing with the many water damage mitigation and cleaning and floor refinishing jobs you have completed for us over the last six years.  You always come through for us and our clients to get the job cleaned & dry and treated with anti-microbial products quickly & efficiently.”

~Edward B., Bartlett & Sons Construction