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Strip & Wax

Hard wood flooring in living room areaWaxed floors can bring out the natural beauty of your floors, but over time little dirt particles and dust inevitably gets into your floor wax and the floor will begin to yellow and look dirty. It is really the wax coating covering the floor that is causing the discoloration, and your floors needs to be stripped and re-waxed to restore its natural beauty.

When Stretch Cleaning & Restoration strips and waxes a floor, our trained technicians will move your furniture to another area, then sweep and/or vacuum the floor to be stripped & waxed. They will then begin the stripping process, after all of the old wax has been removed they will apply two (2) coats of new wax.

After the wax has dried the technician will return your furnishings to their original location, and your floors will look shiny, beautiful and revitalized.