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Soft Washing v. Power Washing

soffit beforeIf you have stains caused by living organisms on your roof or siding in Long Beach Island, you may be considering power washing or soft washing to remove the organisms and the stains. But do you know which method works best, lasts longer, and does not have the potential to cause physical damage to your roof or siding?

Power washing or pressure washing homes has been commonplace for several years, but what many people found is that by just “rinsing” the home with high-pressured water problems often returned, or that their roof or siding was damaged by the high pressure blast of water. And while power washing may be safe and effective for some applications, soft washing is now the preferred method for safely cleaning siding and roofs.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing takes advantage of special biodegradable and non-hazardous chemicals to treat and remove organisms that are growing on your home, whether it is a fungal, lichen, or moss problem. Because soft washing actually treats the area instead of simply forcing the area clean like power washing, the results are longer-lasting. Soft washing uses a low pressure spray that does not damage your shingles or siding and is safe to use on brick, stucco, cedar shakes, vinyl, aluminum, concrete, wood decks, and composite materials.

soffit afterWho Can Benefit From Soft Washing?

If the roof or siding on your LBI home are covered in dark stains caused by organic growth, soft washing can be used to safely remove the stains so your home looks clean and well kept. Soft washing can also be used on concrete, decks, and patios.

If you are trying to sell your LBI home, soft washing can help it look bright and new again by removing any dark stains or mold or mildew growth. Soft washing can help improve the aesthetic of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

There are specific uses for power washing, but when it comes to your roof and siding soft washing is the only method that will not cause physical damage to your property. On Long Beach Island, Stretch Cleaning & Restoration offers soft washing. If you are interested in learning more about soft washing or to schedule an appointment, contact Stretch Cleaning & Restoration today.