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water damage cleanup long beach island

Why Time Is So Valuable When Dealing With Water Damage Cleanup

Most of us are familiar with the old saying, “Time is money.” When it comes to water damage cleanup, that saying could not be more accurate. The more damage that your LBI home sustains from water damage, the more extensive the cleanup will be – which means the more money you will have to spend. […]

water damage long beach island

Detecting Signs Of Water Damage Prevents High Costs

This time of year, in Long Beach Island, there are signs of fall all around us. Dropping temperatures, changing leaves, warm sweaters, pumpkin spice, all of these signs tell us that fall is indeed here. Looking for and noticing signs can not only alert us that there has been a change in seasons, but there […]

water damage

Dealing With Window Water Damage

Windows are some of the best features of your Long Beach Island home. You choose them to highlight the ocean view, to add warm natural light and to create a friendly energy within your house. However, sometimes the problems allow wind and salt spray to degrade the materials in your home. Even new windows are […]