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Dangers of “DIY” Water Damage Cleanup In Your Long Beach Home

“DIY” or Do-it-yourself projects are oftentimes a fantastic way to save time and money or even hone new skills because with just the right amount of google searching you can usually find the “how-to” for almost anything, yes even water damage repair. However, what most “DIY” websites won’t tell is the risks associated with attempting […]

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Severe Effects Of Water Damage

One of the very most common ills of home ownership everywhere is water damage. It’s the name of the game; anywhere that you have a structure that has water running through it to help it (and the people who live inside) to function and live normal lives, you have danger of water escaping the framework […]

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When You Experience Water Damage In Your Long Beach Home

Taking swift action can significantly reduce the effects of water damage in your Long Beach home. Whether the damage is due to flooding, leaking pipes, sewer backup, appliance malfunction, or severe storms, it is important to have a plan of action and know how to respond. Stretch Cleaning & Restoration wants to help our neighbors […]