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Prepping Your LBI Home To Avoid Water Damage Cleanup 

Summer is coming right up, and we at Stretch Cleaning are looking forward to all sorts of summer fun. With the weather getting warmer and pandemic restrictions relaxing because of vaccinations, you may have travel plans or family gatherings on the horizon. That being said, summer can also bring water damage, something that has potential […]

Avoid Water Damage Cleanup In Your Long Beach Island Attic

In New Jersey, winter weather can disrupt schedules, budgets and lives. Water and moisture in your attic can cause you headaches and costly repairs. Mold can grow and compromise your health, and water can weaken the structural integrity of your home. To prevent roof leakage and water damage in your Long Beach Island from ventilation, […]

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When You Experience Water Damage In Your Long Beach Home

Taking swift action can significantly reduce the effects of water damage in your Long Beach home. Whether the damage is due to flooding, leaking pipes, sewer backup, appliance malfunction, or severe storms, it is important to have a plan of action and know how to respond. Stretch Cleaning & Restoration wants to help our neighbors […]