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About Us

ownersThere is really no exact date of the beginning of Stretch Cleaning & Restoration though it’s roots can be traced to 1985.  Kevin Stretch began working for a cleaning service on Long Beach Island, New Jersey at the age of 14, leaving his first summer business venture, clamming, behind him.  Slowly, from side work his boss did not want, his business began to grow.

Kevin grew up in Northeast Philadelphia and graduated high school in 1988. He attended Drexel University and after being dropped from the rolls of Drexel for nonpayment his sophomore year, (Drexel cost too much), Kevin went back to cleaning because it paid more money to someone at the age of 19.

If there was one moment to choose when Stretch Cleaning & Restoration was created, it was when Kevin’s boss owed him money from a summer’s work.  Because of personal & business issues he did not have the money to pay him.  Distraught and still owing tuition money, Kevin said, “Give me equipment instead.”  This was probably the defining moment.  Within months the equipment broke, but luckily he earned enough to buy new equipment.

5 years of Drexel (Drexel is a 5 year school), Community college,  and 3 beat up used vans later, Kevin, received a Degree in Marketing from Drexel University in the summer of 1994.  Paid for by cleaning restaurants, bars, windows, carpets and houses on LBI. Making it a cleaner place for everyone to enjoy.  When graduating with an entrepreneurial vigor.  He went to a printer with his graduation money in hand and had some business cards made.  Stretch Cleaning & Restoration was officially born.

In 2005, Kevin married his lovely wife Viktoriya.  Viktoriya and Kevin met while working for Stretch Cleaning & Restoration.  Viktoriya Stretch is a trained Engineer that later worked for a local architect in design, but was sucked back into the business while on Maternity leave to help with the books, after giving birth to their beautiful sons Brendan & then Sean. Stretch Cleaning & Restoration is now truly a family business.  Stretch cleaning & Restoration has since grown from Kevin’s parent’s garage in Brant Beach, to a full-service cleaning and restoration company located on the boulevard at 3408A Long Beach Blvd. Brant Beach, N.J. Serving LBI and Ocean County area.