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water damage restoration long beach island

Solving Water Damage Issues Before Restoration Is Needed

Beginning water damage restoration as soon as possible will yield the best results for your Long Beach Island home when it has been affected by water. One of the keys to responding quickly to water damage is being able to identify the signs water damage before it becomes a serious problem. Here are some common […]

water damage restoration long beach island

Knowing What Water Damage Restoration Process To Use

Water damage can cause significant problems for your Long Beach Island home. Depending on the level of water damage, additional steps may be necessary in order to successfully restore your home and remove any potentially harmful contaminants that may have resulted from the water damage. The IICRC certified technicians at Stretch Cleaning are able to […]

water damage restoration lbi

Avoiding (And Restoring) Water Damage In Your Basement

Your basement offers a great space to use for entertaining, relaxing, or starting a new hobby. Basement water damage remediation can be as easy as patching a few cracks in the walls, wrapping pipes and insulating the windows. Or it can get as complicated–   replacing drywall, repairing interior finishes, or fixing a weak foundation. […]