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Common Culprits of Water Damage in Long Beach Island

At Stretch Cleaning, we have been providing water damage cleanup in Long Beach Island for over 20 years. As a result, we have come to learn what some of the most common culprits of water damage are in your home, and we want to share that with you so you can be better prepared to […]

long beach island water damage cleanup

Long Beach Island Water Damage Cleanup – Why Speed Matters

One of the most critical elements of effective water damage cleanup is the speed with which the restoration occurs. The longer flood water remains in the home, the greater the overall damage will be. Not to mention, the expenses and loss of time you’ll have while your home is going through reparations. Here are four […]


Long Beach Island Water Damage Damage Restoration For The Garage

Every family uses their space differently. For a family that plays hockey, goes snow skiing, and loves to kayak, the garage is a necessity. Sometimes the garage is only used as a safe place for vehicles. Some people never put the car in, the space is 100% for storing seldom used items. Other families have […]