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Cleaning for Health

Together we will find a way to enjoy our LBI summer safely this year

With so much information and misinformation out there that is changing so quickly through this pandemic, with so many questions that are still unanswered, we realized the need to share our extensive knowledge and expertise on this very important topic of “Cleaning for Health” and not just for appearance.

Many of you might already know this but we have been trained and certified in microbial remediation way before this pandemic had happened, we have been participating in the numerous seminars and Interactive webinars with the industry-leading professionals, doctors, engineers and gaining additional knowledge about this virus, about what works and what doesn’t as it comes for the safety of your homes. Most other cleaners are cleaning for appearance, not health. Many are misinformed, uneducated or downright unscrupulous about cleaning as they are trying to learn about microbial contamination in just the last few weeks what we have been learning about and certified for years and even decades. We are not only trained and certified, but we also are insured for this work with pollution insurance that covers viruses. I am sure most other cleaners can’t say that.
First of all, we can’t stress enough how important it is to maintain a clean environment inside of our homes during this outbreak. Indoor air quality is normally 5 times more contaminated than outdoor which is why cleaning your home has never been as important as it is right now. But what exactly needs to be done? In what order? What products work the best? And most importantly how can we execute the much needed cleaning services safely for our clients and our employees and avoid potential cross contamination of your home.  All those questions are valid and we want to let you know that we are here for you, with all the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate through this unusual summer.
All homes must be properly deep cleaned and we now offer an option of using industrial HEPA vacuums or HEPA air scrubbers and cleaning of high touch points such as doorknobs, handles, switch plates in your homes. Realize that 80-90% of contaminants which people can’t see are kicked up just when people walk in a room and in a similar way, as you sit on your upholstered sofa, you sit on a foam which billows and pushes the dust and biofilm with viruses possibly attached to it into the air in your home. That’s why Steam cleaning of your carpets and your upholstery is even more important now as we are working on preventing the spread of this virus.
For those of you who own a rental property, now we are also offering a service of applying an anti-microbial agent in accordance with the EPA label to prepare your home for the next guest. We will also leave a certificate of anti-microbial application for your guests to give them a “peace of mind” knowing that your home was professionally treated which would result in fewer cancellations as guests would feel more comfortable to stay in your home. It’s important to know that the product that we use is safe for humans and pets.  One of those products is the same product but in a lower concentration that is used to sanitize our fruits and vegetables.
You may be rightfully so worrying that inviting cleaners in your home may expose your home to the virus. When you hire us, you minimize that risk as we have taken numerous steps to prevent this from happening. All of our employees are wearing proper PPE new booties between each home, gloves, masks or respirators, we are practicing social distancing among our employees and our clients, we are decontaminating all of our tools and supplies between each use. We also have equipment and access to supplies that many other companies do not.
So, as a final thought, we just want to say that not cleaning your home or not cleaning it properly or not cleaning it often enough or hiring someone who doesn’t have enough knowledge and expertise is definitely not a safe choice and our main goal right now is to be your safest choice and to be here for you during these unprecedented time and continue to have your trust when this is all over.  You can rely on us and our knowledge. Together we will be able to find a way to enjoy our LBI summer this year.