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New Construction Cleaning

new construction cleaningNew Construction/Renovation Cleaning is a full top-to-bottom cleaning that is designed to prepare your new or renovated home for you to move in. There are two parts of this service which are completed by two different crews and will be priced separately.

First is your window cleaning which includes sticker removal, protection film removal and scraping off sticky residue left after sticker/film removal as well as paint drips and other construction dirt.

Second step is your interior top-to-bottom cleaning which includes everything from our spring cleaning service (please click here for our Spring Cleaning service description) plus…

  • Clean all cabinets and drawers inside/outside
  • Remove all stickers from appliances and fixtures
  • Vacuum all sliding door tracks
  • And other detailing as needed

As sheetrock dust and other construction debris gets everywhere it’s very important to remove it from hidden surfaces such as the inside of all cabinets and drawers including drawer tracks. During our cleaning we remove all drawers, vacuum them, wipe them all the way around, detail clean the track and place the drawers back.

Sometimes people think that new construction cleaning should be an easy cleaning, since there is no furniture there, but in fact it’s one of the most detailed and time consuming services that we offer. And renovation cleaning is the hardest of all of our housekeeping services due to construction dust being everywhere, including the rooms that were not under construction with all the contents in it. Even if the doors in those rooms were closed during construction, dust finds its way everywhere.

It’s important to understand that some of sheetrock dust and other construction debris will get airborne and re-settle back down on different surfaces in a few days after cleaning. Therefore, we offer our “powder-puff” service in a few days after initial cleaning. This is a quick additional dusting and moping service that helps to remove re-settled dust.

When we are done, your home will be ready for you to move in and have your house warming party! Cheers!