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water damage restoration long beach island

Most Common Causes Of Water Damage In The Kitchen

Cooking and cleaning in the kitchen wouldn’t be able to be done without water. However, with that being said, water in the wrong place can lead to disaster. When any amount of water is left to sit, water damage is likely to occur. With that being said, not all water damage is immediately noticeable, so […]

water damage restoration long beach island

How To Prevent In-Home Floods

Floods are extremely common in homes and can happen at any time and anywhere. No matter the season or where you live, you should always be prepared for that threat to occur. Floods can be extremely costly and dangerous as they can bring in different types of water damage. Water damage can cause mold to […]

Water Damage Restoration Long Beach Island

Five Ways You Can Invest In A Flood-Resistant Home

Creating a flood-resistant home is an investment. It may require some time and money up front, but in the long run you are likely saving yourself a great deal of money, time, and stress. As recommended by our water damage restoration technicians at Stretch Cleaning in Long Beach Island, here are five simple ways you […]