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Five Organizational Tips For Keeping Water Damage At Bay

When people think about water damage prevention, an organization is one of the last things that comes to mind. In practice, however, being organized is one of the most important things you can do to keep water damage at bay. Here are five tips from our water damage professionals at Stretch Cleaning in Long Beach […]

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Avoiding (And Restoring) Water Damage In Your Basement

Your basement offers a great space to use for entertaining, relaxing, or starting a new hobby. Basement water damage remediation can be as easy as patching a few cracks in the walls, wrapping pipes and insulating the windows. Or it can get as complicated–   replacing drywall, repairing interior finishes, or fixing a weak foundation. […]

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How To Dry Out Your Home More Quickly After A Flood

If your home ever floods, removing the water quickly is of paramount importance. Not only does it reduce the overall amount of damage, but it will also save you time and money. From our water damage restoration professionals at Stretch Cleaning in Long Beach Island, here are five tips on drying out your home quickly […]