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SoftWash Exterior Cleaning


When the exterior of your home begins to look dirty, often the problem is much more than just dirt and dust. Staining or areas of growth on your home are often a sign of a fungal, lichen, or moss problem, and simply pressure washing the surface does not solve the problem, it only removes existing growth from the surface and allows for it to return. Pressure washing can also damage your roof and siding, and is only a short-term solution for removing algae and mold and everything else growing on your home.

Stretch Cleaning & Restoration uses SoftWash Systems to gently clean the exterior of the home, while treating the surface to prevent growth from recurring. The specially formulated SoftWash solution dissolves mildew, bacteria, dirt and grime, and the results last much longer that power washing. SoftWashing requires only regular water pressure, similar to that which comes from your garden hose, which means it is safer for your home and uses significantly less water than power washing.


What is SoftWashing?

SoftWashing is an advanced way to clean the exterior of your home and your roof, effectively removing mold, mildew, algae and bacteria that is growing on the exterior surfaces of your home. SoftWashing is safe and will not damage your home like pressure washing. SoftWashing uses a low-pressure cleaning system that is non-abrasive and even environmentally friendly, while being extremely effective.

SoftWashing removes stains caused by living organisms on your roof or siding, and prevents the growth from returning for a much longer period that pressure washing. The three-in-one process removes growth from the surface, kills the fungal pests, and leaves behind an inhibitor to prevent future growth.

Why Use SoftWashing?

SoftWashing has numerous benefits over power washing, and is a greener alternative that is more effective and produces less waste. SoftWashing requires significantly less water, utilizes biodegradable and non-hazardous chemicals, and does not damage your building materials, reducing waste. It is both safe and effective, and will not damage your home like power washing can. The special cleaning solution is biodegradable and kills mold, mildew and algae.

SoftWashing can be used on nearly every type of exterior surface whether it is brick, stucco, cedar shakes, vinyl, aluminum, concrete, wood decks, composite, and even roofs. It is safe and non-abrasive.

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