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5 Reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned Before Winter

Carpet Cleaning LBI, Carpet Cleaning Long Beach IslandYes. We said the “W” word… winter. It’s hard to imagine, but it really is right around the corner. All the children on Long Beach Island will soon be trotting back off to school, and that is a perfect time to have Stretch Cleaning & Restoration step in to help you get your home deep-cleaned before winter sets in.

  • Summer is messy!

A summer full of beach and outdoor fun brings in a whole lot of outside dirt and debris.  It is very common for people to believe carpet doesn’t need to be cleaned until there is visible dirt, but that is simply not true. Carpet fibers run deep, and dirt can easily work deep into the carpet over time and even down into the pad without proper, routine cleanings. It is actually that unseen dirt that can do the most damage to your carpet by breaking down the protective fiber coating and even the backing on your carpet. As that breaks down from the set-in dirt, that’s when you start to see chunks of carpet coming out with the vacuum. Yikes!

  • Spring & Fall are PERFECT times to get carpets cleaned.

Many people stick with once-a-year carpet cleaning, but if you have an especially active family, pets, or just find your carpets tend to look dirty over time, having them cleaned more often is a good idea. With that, having them cleaned as part of your “spring cleaning” routine, and again as the kids prepare for another school year is a perfect scenario.

  • Vacuuming doesn’t get everything.

If you vacuum once or twice a week, props! You are probably cleaning more often than most Americans. However, the EPA and most carpet manufacturers recommend daily vacuuming of carpet to pick up indoor and outdoor debris that might settle in. Believe it or not, a whole lot of debris can set in in just one day.

  • That cleaner from Target isn’t the same as what the pros use. Trust us.

There are more carpet cleaning products than we could possibly try to name. Aside from the fact that many contain harsh chemicals and can do more harm than good to your carpets, they also make crazy promises to clean and remove stains from your carpet without any scrubbing or rinsing. However, instead of removing and extracting dirt and stains, these products often just push it all further into the carpet. Also, some products can and will damage your carpet, and even change the color. Oxygen-based can break down carpet fibers over time.

  • Carpet cleaning probably doesn’t cost as much as you think.

If you get nervous to call the plumber when the pipes seem to be malfunctioning, we get it. You often won’t know what the fix entails until the plumber is on site, and sometimes (just like at the auto mechanic), it ends up being a worse scenario and price tag than we hoped.

Carpet cleaning doesn’t work that way! We can happily give you a quote for the rooms you want to have cleaned. We’re guessing it will be far less than that last major car repair bill you paid.