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flood damage cleanup lbi

Flood Damage Prevention

Storms and extreme tides can cause Long Beach Island to flood because it is a low-lying barrier island. Heavy rains can quickly overwhelm the drains, while tides can cause bay water to back up through storm drains into the streets. These factors make homes in Long Beach Island at a high risk of flooding.  Flood […]

mold cleanup lbi, mold removal lbi

What is Mold and How Do I Remove It?

Two very good questions. They may not be the type of questions that keep you up at night but they are valid. If you are able to understand what mold is and how it got into (could get into) your home, then you will be better equipped to prevent it. What is Mold? Mold is […]

crawlspace encapsulation long beach island, crawl space encapsulation lbi

Ways To Protect Your Crawl Space Encapsulation From Water Damage

The crawlspace tends to get a pretty bad reputation, and is often portrayed as dark and spooky.  The only thing that should scare you about your crawl space though is the risk of it flooding. By being a proactive homeowner, you can spot and fix issues around your home that could lead to big water […]