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Keep Employee Morale Up with a Clean Environment

commercial cleaning lbi, professional commercial cleaning lbiIn order for your employees to feel like they’re an asset to your organization, it’s important to provide them with the best working experience, and a lot of that comes down to their day-to-day working environment. When items are out of place, equipment is faulty or the areas of the office are disgusting and left to be someone else’s problem, there is a lack of respect and pride that everyone will feel. Investing in a clean office will not only set a level of respect and care for the conditions in which your employees work but will also save you costs in the long term and increase productivity.

Sick Days
People spend the majority of their time at work, it’s no surprise with the level of germs and bacteria that can linger in the workplace, especially if the office isn’t regularly cleaned. Companies spend billions of dollars a year due to sick days, absenteeism, chronic disease, and injury. In an infographic produced by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), “productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion or $1,685 per employee.” Harvard Business Review also posted that, “people going to work when they’re sick, accounts for nearly two-thirds of the total cost of worker illness.”

Not only are people attending work while ill, the diseases are spreading and it has a direct impact on loss of productivity and business costs. While it’s nearly impossible to eradicate all disease in the office, making an effort of having a clean working environment will help your employees feel more comfortable at work, become sick less often and help keep their productivity high.

Air Quality
Air in the office isn’t often aforethought in people’s mind when they’re sneezing and coughing. However, dust and debris can build up which can cause an immune response to those in contact with it. Investing in quality air filters and a regular dusting of cabinets, shelving, and blinds, and vacuuming of the carpet will help keep the air quality clean and reduce sinus and respiratory irritations.

Ask For Employee Input
When hiring an agency to clean your office, incorporate your staff. Ask your employees what areas of the office need cleaning. If the bathrooms are neglected or if dust is accumulating on shelving, these helpful suggestions can provide the cleaning company with areas of focus. Additionally, you want to hire a professional commercial cleaning service that is efficient and effective; there isn’t much point in hiring a service if things aren’t getting cleaned or not cleaned well. Furthermore, seek out a professional who is trusted and reliable.

While you can store sensitive and confidential material in locked cabinets you won’t be able to lock up all your belongings. When people are in a clean environment, it evokes a sense of pride and worth. When people feel good, they’ll want to do good. Your employees will show pride in their work by being actively engaged in their projects which will boost team camaraderie and office morale. When the boss cares about the cleanliness of the office and wellbeing of his employees, it lets the employees know that they matter to the organization.

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