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Clean Your Daycare Facility The Right Way

commercial cleaning lbi, professional commercial cleaning lbiRunning a daycare or preschool is a huge job! You are responsible for every child’s safety and well-being while they are in your care. Whether you run your daycare or preschool in a large facility, small facility, or out of your home, you want to make sure you always make the best impression on those children’s parents/guardians and keep those children safe from anything that could harm them or make them sick.

Minor cleaning will not cut it in a daycare setting. State guidelines require a certain amount of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting every day to keep germs from spreading and the growth of certain bacteria. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about running your business, playing with the kids, AND cleaning the entire facility – there are companies like Stretch Cleaning that offer exemplary cleaning services so that you can focus on everything else that you need to. If you live in the Long Beach Island area, call us for a quote! 

What Should You Expect From A Commercial Cleaner?

  1. Expect Them To Get To Know You And Your Facility – Your Commercial Cleaner needs to know your building inside and out to be able to clean it the right away. You should expect your commercial cleaners to want a tour of the building, to ask questions about which areas the children go, and the best times to come in for cleaning. Everything that they do should be customized to fit your needs and they should know what those are. 
  2. Expect Them To Know The State Requirements – When you run a company that is filled with small children, the state is going to have something to say about the state of your facility. If you have cleaners coming in to take care of your building, they should know what the state requirements and guidelines are, and keep a record of what they have done and when. Especially when it comes to sanitization and disinfection requirements. 
  3. Expect Them To Be Certified And Insured – You should have peace of mind knowing that you’ve hired professionals who have taken the time to get certified in commercial cleaning and are insured for your protection. Ask to see their certifications and proof of insurance. 
  4. Expect Them To Work Around Your Needs – You run a business where little hands and feet are playing all day. You need professional cleaners that can do their job at a time that is convenient for you. Make sure your cleaners are flexible and available during non-business hours. 
  5. Expect Them To Be Organized – Your cleaners are professionals. They should know which type of products to bring, which products to use on different materials in your facility and products that are safe for children. Your cleaners should never ask to borrow your cleaning equipment or products. Also, they should have a plan and a schedule for every cleaning so that nothing is forgotten and that they stay on task for the timeframe it takes to clean the area. 

If you are running a daycare or preschool facility and would like to set up a free consultation, please contact our professional commercial cleaning team at Stretch Cleaning. We would be happy to meet with you, check out your facility, and set up a routine cleaning schedule that will allow you to spend more time focusing on more important matters at your business.