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Effective Crawlspace Encapsulation In LBI

crawlspace encapsulation lbi, crawlspace encapsulation long beach islandSince crawl spaces are not frequently inhabited areas of the home, they can often be forgotten about. However, your crawlspace in LBI actually impacts the comfort of your entire indoor environment. Most crawl spaces are dark, damp, and, well, gross. This creates the perfect environment for mold growth and pests, and these conditions greatly compromise the durability and efficiency of your HVAC systems. They can also create serious indoor air quality problems. Ok, now that we have you hating your crawlspace, you may be wondering what you can do? Stretch Cleaning in LBI offers the perfect solution for your crawlspace – crawlspace encapsulation.

Crawlspace encapsulation refers to the process of dividing the area below your home from your actual living space, and, when done correctly, prevents the passage of air from the crawlspace to the rest of your home. Not only does this option make heating and cooling your home more efficient, it also creates healthier living conditions by improving air quality and reducing opportunities for mold or pests to enter your home. Have we convinced you that your crawl space needs to be encapsulated yet? Well here’s how we go about improving your home by encapsulating your crawl space.

First, your crawl space needs to be checked for any possible problems like inadequate drainage around the foundation of your home, mold growth, or back drafting from combustible appliances. If any of these problems are present, they will have to be addressed before encapsulation can occur. Once your crawlspace is in the clear, it can be sealed.

Your crawlspace will need to be sealed from your home envelope and the outdoors, to the greatest extent possible. A vapor barrier is used to keep moisture out of your crawlspace. Typically, the vapor barrier is a plastic barrier that is attached to the foundation walls, piers, and air handler or water heater (or other equipment necessary to seal off crawlspace components from the ground below). The goal is to prevent humid outdoor air from entering your crawlspace, so vents are sealed using foam board or spray foam. Foam insulation or other forms of thermal barriers are also added to crawlspace walls to further prevent outdoor air from entering your crawlspace. Any remaining gaps or cracks are then sealed so that the floor of your home is completely sealed off from the crawlspace, and any other band joists, plumbing penetrations, wiring, AC drain lines, or any other systems running through your crawlspace are also sealed. 

Once everything has been sealed, a drying mechanism will need to be installed to maintain low humidity levels year round. We utilize dehumidifiers to regulate the moisture levels and keep your crawl space dry. This will eliminate problems like mold, soft floors, high cooling costs, insect problems, and more. With humidity monitors, you can always be aware of the effectiveness of your dehumidification equipment, and know that your encapsulation is producing the desired results. 

Professional Crawlspace Encapsulation In Long Beach Island (LBI)

Because crawlspace encapsulation requires proper procedures, equipment, and material to be effective and safe for your home, you should rely on the professionals at Stretch Cleaning to handle the job for you. Our team of experts will know exactly how to handle your unique situation, handle any existing problems that need addressed before encapsulation happens, and will work quickly to get the job done right the first time so you don’t have to deal with any more issues in your crawlspace. If you are ready to decrease the risk of mold and structural problems in your home, improve energy efficiency of your HVAC system, improve the air quality in your home, and prevent insect and other pests from making your home their own, call Stretch Cleaning in LBI and get your crawlspace encapsulation started today.