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Why Should I Encapsulate My Crawl Space?

Crawlspace encapsulation may be an unfamiliar concept to some, but it can serve many useful purposes. The purpose of this is to help you become familiar with encapsulation — what it is, when to consider it, what the benefits are, and whether or not you should attempt to do it on your own. From our expert technicians at Stretch Cleaning in the LBI area, we hope you find the answers to those questions helpful. 

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What Is Encapsulation?

Encapsulating your home is comparable to adding lining to a swimming pool to avoid leaks. It is a popular solution for avoiding indoor moisture problems. It involves installing a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier to completely cover the crawlspace. Usually, this barrier is placed to cover the floors, foundation walls, and sometimes even the ceiling. 

When Should I Consider Encapsulating My Home?

Not everyone needs encapsulation services. Typically, it only needs to be done when any one of the following problems occur:

    • Excessive mold growth
    • A strong musty smell in the basement
    • Soft and/or separating floors
    • Unduly air conditioning costs
    • Wet insulation
    • Sweating windows
    • Insect infestations

What Are The Benefits Of Home Encapsulation?

There are many benefits of encapsulating your home. It can save you significant time, stress, and money in the long run by holding problems at bay. Here are a few of the benefits of encapsulating your home:

    • Improved air quality in your crawl space and throughout your entire house
    • Reduces the likelihood of infestations by pests and other destructive insects
    • Makes for more comfortable living conditions
    • Reduces the likelihood of mold growth and mold damage
    • Saves you money on your electrical and/or heating bill and is better for the environment

Can I Encapsulate My Own Crawlspace?

Can you do it? Yes. Should you do it? That’s a little harder to answer, but the best answer we could give is probably not. For those who choose a DIY approach to encapsulating your living quarters, you should make sure that you are absolutely certain this is the path you want to follow before beginning. You will need to purchase the necessary products (seal tape, vapor barrier, etc.) before hand and be positive that your house is suitable for encapsulation. Also, remember to take note that there are some restrictions on how you encapsulate your home. For example, you should contact a pest control company before doing this on your own regarding what areas you can seal off. You will also need to consider any combustion equipment that is present because of the possibility of back drafting. 

Professional Crawlspace Encapsulation LBI

The vast majority of people choose to hire a contractor to encapsulate their crawlspace for them. If you choose this route, the contractor will come and do an initial assessment to make sure your living quarters are suitable for encapsulation. The main benefits to this method are that it will save you time, stress, and give you the guarantee that the job will be done right. We at Stretch Cleaning in lbi are one such company and we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality crawlspace encapsulation service.