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Identifying A Reliable Disinfecting Service

disinfecting services lbi, disinfection services lbi, cleaning services lbiWith the unfortunate circumstances Long Beach Island, the country, and the world is in right now regarding Covid-19, people are looking for companies to make their homes and workplaces feel clean, cared for, and comfortable.  Most people will immediately go straight to the internet to look for disinfecting services nearby, but how can you know the company whose website you’re looking at is a real company and not a scam? After all, anyone can make a website nowadays, and false companies promising cleaning, disinfecting, or sanitizing services are cropping up more and more. It’s important to note whether the information on the website is legitimate, or seems too good to be true.  Here are three tips to follow when reading a website to double-check if it represents a known and well-received company:

Is Their Website Well-Written?

Nobody is perfect, and one or two misspelled words can potentially be found on even the most prestigious company’s website.  But if the entire website is riddled with odd sentence structure, misspelled vocabulary, and unfinished ideas, it likely wasn’t made and checked thoroughly by a team of professionals who are looking to advertise their skill and expertise.

How Recently Was The Website Created?

Oftentimes, somewhere on the web page (usually the bottom left or right of the screen), a copyright date will show how long the website has been available for interaction.  If a website claiming to offer disinfecting services has just recently been posted and you can’t find other information about the cleaning company with minimal research, be aware that this may be a scam.  The website may instead be providing opportunities for people who are not certified, licensed, or even trained in disinfection to benefit from uncertainty during this worldwide pandemic.

Does The Website Supply A Physical Address?

When a phony website is being made, they may be able to get by on their ability to eloquently and convincingly write, and they may even be able to fake how long the website has been running.  But any company issuing out disinfecting services is going to need a physical building for their company headquarters.  Disinfecting services more often than not require large equipment, company vehicles, and PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment.  Thus, their building should be able to show up on Google Maps or any satellite showing street views of residential and street locations.  If the website does not offer any sort of contact information, specifically a physical address you can see for yourself in person or on the internet, the company very well may not be a legitimate cleaning company.

While these are all tips that can come in handy when trying to find a disinfecting service, they’re not necessarily a guaranteed standard. The safest thing you can do when choosing who to contact is picking a well-established, local disinfecting company with clear, concise services, obvious contact information, and strong website presence.

Disinfecting Services In Long Beach Island 

Stretch Cleaning & Restoration is a locally owned and operated full-service cleaning and restoration company that provides various disinfecting services, located on Long Beach Island.  With over 25 years of experience, Stretch Cleaning & Restoration offers quality, honest, and dependable service to both residential and commercial locations.  The LBI family business is able to provide fast, trustworthy service throughout the island, hiring local technicians who are trained and certified in microbial remediation.  The certification doesn’t stop with Stretch’s team members though.  Their certification process starts after your cleaning service leaves.  After utilizing fogging machines to thoroughly distribute the disinfectant to all surfaces, Stretch leaves a certificate of antimicrobial application, so you and anyone who may come in contact with your location will be assured of it’s of the disinfecting services that have taken place, and feel more at ease indoors.  The disinfectant is surely the biggest draw, being applied in accordance with the EPA label and leaving a safe environment for humans and animals after application.  But for an additional safety measure, Stretch team members will clean your location while wearing new booties, gloves, and masks, and offer the usage of industrial HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers to clean what are known as “high touchpoints”, such as doorknobs, handles, and switch plates.  Stretch Cleaning & Restoration disinfecting services aim to provide a clean, safe, and comfortable environment during these unsure and often stressful times.

Websites offering disinfecting services can be confusing, no matter how old or young you are.  Now more than ever, you don’t want to take any chances with a company you aren’t completely sure will give you the clean, comforting feeling you’re looking for. Luckily for Long Beach Island residents, Stretch Cleaning & Restoration is the safest choice you can make this year.