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Don’t Overlook Your Furniture during Spring Cleaning


clean upholsteryThe sun is shining, and summer is in full swing here in Long Beach. Isn’t it glorious? If you’re like some of us around the Stretch Cleaning & Restoration office, you’ve done some pretty thorough spring cleaning. I guess you could say it runs in our blood! However, after the floors, windows, basement, and every other surface in your house is clean, there might be something else you’ve overlooked.

Your furniture!

Now, we know you’re probably taking a moment to look at your furniture. How does it look? A little dull and lacking luster? A few stains on the nice fabric? When was the last time you {gasp} looking under the cushions? There might be a Christmas popcorn ball wedged in there still!

In all seriousness, though, furniture cleaning can truly prolong the life and look of one of the most expensive investments in your home or business. Hiring a professional to clean your furniture can help restore its luxurious look and feel, remove stains, and save you the thousands of dollars you would spend replacing the furniture before it’s run it’s full life.

Need more convincing?

The Dirty Damage

Did you know soils in your furniture that aren’t removed can actually erode the fabric over time, and even cause tears and holes? If your furniture is fabric, that soil can work its way all the way into the cushions and just continue to accumulate.

Want to get even grosser? Dust mites don’t just live in your mattresses. They live in carpeting and upholstery as well. Dust mites survive by living off dead skin cells, which humans shed in droves every single day, meaning your furniture might be providing a constant food source for those dust mites to thrive, and reproduce.

Allergen Issues

Just like your carpet traps dust and allergens, so does your furniture. Professional furniture cleaning isn’t just going to clean the cushions and what you see. Crews will take cushions off the different furniture pieces and clean every square inch using cleaners they know will work for that particular fabric or surface without damaging it. Plus, high-power extractors will suck the water out quickly and effectively, meaning you aren’t left waiting around for days for the surfaces to dry. Having your upholstery and other furniture regularly cleaned simply equals a healthier, cleaner, smarter home.

Protecting Your Warranty

Trying to clean your furniture yourself could mean voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. However, professional furniture cleaning will simply further protect your investment. Your original paperwork will let you know the proper cleaning route.

There are more kinds of fabric out there than we could name in this short blog. And every single one of those fabrics is different. Some are easy to clean, some are not. If you are not a fabric expert, you could do some serious damage to the fabric by using the wrong cleaning solution or technique – like stretching, ripping, or discoloring.

Now that you’ve decided to have your furniture professionally cleaned, sit back and relax. This means you don’t have to do the heavy lifting, or try to find a place in the budget for new furniture.