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Handling A Fire Damage Situation

Fire Damage LBI, Fire Damage Long Beach Island, Fire Damage Cleanup LBIFire damage is a disaster no homeowner wants to deal with, but if you do experience it, make sure that the certified and trained professionals from Stretch Cleaning and Restoration in Long Beach Island help you get your home back to normal.

Why Choose a Certified Technician?

Technicians who are certified and trained appropriately know and understand what they need to do about the situation you are in. They understand the need for quick response and immediate remediation. If you wait to call the professionals at Stretch Cleaning and Restoration and the remediation are delayed after the disaster occurred, the cost of restoration will start inclining very fast. Technicians who are certified also know the equipment they are using and apply techniques to get your home back to the way it was before.

The professionals will clean your house by being extremely thorough. If ash residue is not handled correctly, it can cause everything to need replacement. The experts will determine what can be saved and what will need to be replaced. After that, they will get rid of any left-over residue. The experts will then move onto getting rid of the odor and neutralizing it. Once the materials are treated, they can be sealed off to prevent any further odor that is left in the air.

What Fire Damage Will Do Over Time

  • Acid residues will cause materials like plastic, small appliances, and highly porous materials (including marble and alabaster) to discolor within minutes. The discoloration could be temporary or permanent.
  • The grout in bathrooms will start to change color or stain from acid residues. The fiberglass bath fixtures can also turn a yellow color, along with the finish on appliances, refrigerators, and the finish on furniture. All of this happens within hours of the acid residue sitting.
  • If your painted walls weren’t yellow within hours of the acid residue sitting on it, it can still turn yellow within days and if your walls turn yellow, this is permanent. Any metal will corrode, wood furniture will absolutely need to be refinished, and if your flooring is vinyl, it will need either need to be refinished or it will need to be replaced. Clothing becomes stained from the soot and upholstery will stain permanently.
  • If you wait weeks to call Stretch Cleaning and Restoration, the cost of restoration will increase enormously and cause even more damage. The longer acid soot residues sit and are not cleaned up professionally, it will cause synthetic carpet fibers to discolor permanently, silver plates will be corroded permanently, glass, crystal, or china will most likely need to be replaced.

Don’t Use Conventional Cleaning Methods

Don’t go to conventional cleaning methods like a steam cleaner and using cleaning agents available at the store. Doing this can cause even bigger issues because the chemicals can react with the residue and can cause permanent damage. Toxic fumes can also be in the air. Only the professionals at Stretch Cleaning and Restoration should clean up the fire damage, as you will get the best results and you won’t have to deal with causing more damage. Give Stretch Cleaning and Restoration, located in Long Beach Island, a call to get your home cleaned professionally by these certified technicians after fire damage has occurred.