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In-laws Coming to Town? Time for Holiday House Cleaning!

house cleaning services long beach islandWe all know Santa Claus is coming to town, but those jingle bells also mean it’s likely the in-laws or some other family are coming, too. On top of shopping for presents among the Long Beach Island crowds, going to holiday parties, decking the halls, attending school Christmas concert, and baking cookies until you’re blue in the face, cleaning seems just, well, impossible. Not to mention, you might feel like your home needs to be a whole new level of clean when certain people come to visit.

We get it, we all have families, too, and know what it’s like when life gets busy. House cleaning tends to be one of the first regular chores to fall a bit to the wayside. If that’s you too, you’re normal! And this is where Stretch Cleaning can help make your holidays a little more merry and bright.

Still not convinced you should let someone else do the dirty work? How about these guilt-free reasons:

  • Not sure you want to spend the money? Consider it a Christmas present to yourself. Seriously, you deserve it!
  • Professional house cleaners have a lot of experience, and do this all day long! That means not only do they know how to pick up every speck of dirt imaginable, and get those stains off the stovetop, they are efficient at doing so!
  • We use professional-grade equipment and cleaners. That means what we use might give a deeper, more effective clean than what you can buy at the store.
  • Reliability is non-negotiable. Just because you have a busy life and your schedule changes doesn’t mean the cleanliness of your house has to be impacted. A professional cleaning service will be there when you request them, and get the job done while you continue on with everything else you need to do.
  • We’ll do the cleaning you don’t do as often. For example, how many times have you dusted around some items, or vacuumed around the dining room chairs? Mirrors will be clean, garbage cans emptied, kitchen sparkling, hard floors dusted, carpets vacuumed, and on and on. All without you lifting a finger.
  • Over the holidays, home break-ins spike. If you choose to have your house cleaner work while you aren’t home (make sure you choose a proven, trustworthy company like Stretch Cleaning!), they serve as an extra set of eyes on your property.
  • There is something completely magical about a clean house, and taking away that stress. This could be the holiday season where you spend a lot more time enjoy the reason for the season, and a lot less time fretting over the cleaning, the appearance of your house, and so on. In fact, maybe this is your year to finally host the family Christmas party because you know, thanks to Stretch Cleaning, that your home will be spic and span and approved by even the most judgmental of mothers-in-law.

Happy Holidays from Stretch Cleaning!

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