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What Type Of Damage Happens After A Slow Water Leak?

long beach island water damage cleanup, long beach island water damage restoration, long beach island water damage repairWhether it’s behind the washer, above the ceiling or under the sink, a little drip can lead to big trouble. According to the Insurance Information Institute, one in 50 homes have a claim for water damage or freezing each year. This water damage can be expensive to fix; the average cost of a water-damage and freezing claim was nearly $11,000. And if your insurance company can prove that you ignored a leak, they might now cover the cost of water damage cleanup

Slow leaks can go on for months since they are so hard to find. Stretch Cleaning has some tips:

Long Beach Island Professional Water Damage Cleanup

Slow leaks are dangerous BECAUSE they are so hard to detect. Keep your eyes open to damage (and your nose sensitive to mold smells.) Of course you would notice visible mold, wet floors, or mushy walls. But some other  more subtle signs might be:

  • Water bill is significantly higher
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Darkened ceiling paint or bubbled ceiling plaster
  • Wobbly toilet or loose shower tiles

What Are The Risks?

The most obvious and immediate effects of water damage are aesthetic: staining, discoloration, streaks along the walls. Water deposits on tile and concrete are difficult to remove. Permanent stains on walls and floors resist paint and will decrease the value of your home.

When water is left to sit over time, your property can suffer. This moisture can lead to mold and fungal growth. All homes have mold spores, even with new construction. In dry areas, spores can lay dormant for decades, never causing a problem. However, moisture triggers growth and pollutes the indoor air.

Another concern is potential structural damage. As drywall absorbs water from a leaky pipe, it begins to warp and swell. Wood deterioration, weakened framing, and damaged support beams can compromise the structural integrity of the home. Drywall can become brittle, warp, and develop mold, requiring replacement. 

Even more dangerous is the fire hazard. When water comes into prolonged contact with outlets, wiring, or electrical boxes, the system can become compromised and unsafe. A leaky roof or plumbing could pose a fire threat due to shorted out wires.  

Lastly you might have lost property value. A history of water damage drives down the value of your home. When the inspection process discloses previous damage, your compromised bargaining position will drive down the final selling price. Taking care of water leaks right away will prevent that damage from occurring and help to maintain the value of your home.

Call The Experts

Stretch Cleaning is dedicated to quality, honest and dependable service plus peace of mind. After the disruption in your home, find a water damage partner you can rely on. Choose the water damage restoration team that is fully insured and bonded with background checks and drug testing. Stretch Cleaning & Restoration has served the Long Beach Township, New Jersey area for over 20 years.