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Long Beach Island Water Damage Damage Restoration For The Garage

water-damage-restoration-long-beach-islandEvery family uses their space differently. For a family that plays hockey, goes snow skiing, and loves to kayak, the garage is a necessity. Sometimes the garage is only used as a safe place for vehicles. Some people never put the car in, the space is 100% for storing seldom used items. Other families have organized tool benches for a simple workplace. But, if you have any form of running water in there, there could be a chance for water damage. 

Any storage space is especially vulnerable since small leaks can grow unnoticed behind or beneath stacked and gathered piles of stuff. Over time, this damages not only the items but also the floor and walls.

That durable concrete floor can get water damaged or stained if the water sits there for too long. Even the walls can lose part of their structural integrity. Since for many residences, the garage floor is often also the foundation slab, if the garage slab has water damage, your whole home can become a problem zone. Our water damage restoration experts encourage you to be aware of common water damage causes so you can take steps to protect your home. 

Common Causes of Water Damage

The structure itself isn’t usually the culprit of water damage. It is when you have any form of running water like the hot water heater or a dog washing sink that your risk multiplies. If you have your washing machine in the garage, proactively replace any plastic fittings with metal. Inspect the pipes for rust, leaks, and drips. 

Roofs and Gutters

Keep the gutter system and roof on the garage clear and free of obstructions. You need them to properly channel water down and away from the foundation and away from the base of your garage.

Water damage flight starts from above when water soaks down through the attic and ceiling of the garage. While it might just look like a simple stain, it could indicate damage to drywall, sheetrock, and any electrical systems servicing the garage. Check the ceiling after a strong rain. 

Weather Caused Flooding

Not only is your garage at risk from plumbing leaks, a driving rain might blow the door open.  And In New Jersey, we have some big storms. Your garage door is held in place in the track by rollers. A storm can the door bows inward and off the tracks. Then a deluge of rain can rush in. Overflowing water from nearby sources, including streams, broken dams, or flooded municipal sewers can cause flooding too.

Mold Risks

Since you don’t spend much time in the garage, forgotten moisture has time to support mold growth. The spores are always present; when you add water to an organic food source, mold can form in as little as 24-48 hours.  If you smell that dusty, musty, damp smell, look for the source. If it is contained in fabric or paper, you can just throw it away. If it has crept up the wall, you need to call our water damage restoration team. 

Long Beach Island Professional Water Damage Restoration

Our water damage restoration experts are dedicated to quality, honest and dependable service. After the water damage in the garage (or any room in the house), find the water damage restoration partner you can rely on. Stretch Cleaning & Restoration has provided water damage restoration to the Long Beach Township, New Jersey area for over 20 years.