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Mistakes To Avoid During Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration long beach islandIn most cases, water damage to your Long Beach Island home is unavoidable. It can happen at any time and as the result of a number of different causes or sources. However, what is avoidable is making damages worse by not responding quickly and correctly. 

Water Damage Restoration in Long Beach Island

The following mistakes homeowners often make when they need water damage restoration can end up making things worse and actually end up costing more money to fix.

1. Waiting Too Long To Begin Cleanup And Restoration

Water damage worsens with time, so a quick response is critical in ensuring a successful cleanup. Prolonged water damage can lead to mold and microbial growth, damage to electrical systems, and compromised structural integrity of the home. Materials exposed to water only have so long before they can no longer be salvaged, and water sodden materials will begin to deteriorate when water is not removed and thoroughly dried. Stopping the source of the water, getting all standing water extracted, and beginning the drying process as soon as possible will mitigate any further damage and yield the best results for your home. Do not waste any time when it comes to water damage restoration.

2. Using The Wrong Equipment To Clean Up After Water Damage

In an attempt to handle cleanup on their own, many homeowners make the mistake of using common household objects to perform jobs that are intended for commercial grade equipment. Shop vacuums, box fans, and other appliances found around the home are just not cut out to handle water damage. Instead, water extractors, air movers, dehumidifiers, and moisture monitoring equipment are required to guarantee all the water is successfully removed and dried from the area. When attempting to use fans and other equipment you may have lying around your home, you run the risk of allowing all the excess moisture in the area to influence and encourage mold growth. Porous materials like wood, sheetrock, carpets, and upholstery will hold on to moisture that has been absorbed and without proper moisture detection devices, dehumidifiers, and monitoring equipment all run by trained and experienced personnel, that moisture will be left behind where it will continue to cause problems. Without the proper professional-grade equipment, run by those who are licensed and experienced to do so, you can cause unnecessary damage and leave a lot of the problem unresolved. Do not try to use what you have around your home to handle water damage restoration.

3. Not Calling Stretch Cleaning & Restoration

Water damage, whether from a broken pipe to a flooding basement, needs to be addressed immediately to mitigate further damages. Since water damage often occurs when you least expect it, you need someone who is always prepared and ready to respond by your side. The IICRC technicians at Stretch Cleaning & Restoration are standing by 24/7 to take your call so we can respond to your water damage as soon as possible. With our experience and expertise, and our fast response time, we can ensure that water damage restoration will be done quickly and correctly, saving you time, money, and stress. Do not try to handle water damage restoration on your own, and call Stretch Cleaning & Restoration right away.