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Mold Cleanup: How To Combat The Silent Killer

mold cleanup lbi, mold removal lbiWhen you hear the term “silent killer,” you may things of several things, including carbon monoxide or ninjas. However, did you know that mold growth in your home can also fall into this list? Mold growth typically occurs after some type of water damage as a result of it being left unchecked and can manifest itself in numerous ways.

Mold can be a variety of colors, including black, blue, white, or not even visible to the naked eye, which is why it can be termed as a “silent killer.” If the water damage occurred within your walls, floors, ceiling, or roof, the color of the mold won’t matter because it will be below the surface. So, if you can’t always see mold, how does one go about detecting its presence and preventing the harmful effects it brings? Below are a few tips to do just that!



Mold carries a very distinct, strong musty smell that is often attributed to “the basement smell.” It is true that some rooms have certain smells, but the chances that your basement acquired that certain odor from mold growth beneath the walls are very high. If you notice a strange, musty smell, especially after a storm, you most likely have mold growing in your home.

Warp and Bubbling

Often mold is accompanied by other signs of water damage, including discoloration, the bubbling of paint, or warping of surfaces. Oftentimes we see these things as simple cosmetic issues and may be tempted to leave them alone so long as they aren’t bothering us. However, it is more than likely that hiding beneath these imperfections is mold that can harm both you and your family.


Has someone in your household recently been experiencing symptoms of respiratory distress? This may include a sore throat, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, difficulty breathing, eye irritation, or skin irritation. Many people have a sensitivity or allergy to mold and don’t even know it, or worse, don’t even know that there is mold in their home. This means that those suffering from mold exposure can be in misery for long periods of time (as long as the mold continues undetected) without even knowing the reason.


There are a few ways to protect your home from mold, but first and foremost, the best way to prevent mold is to keep your home free of water damage. Keeping your home and appliances maintained will help you avoid disaster. If you have particularly humid rooms, such as the bathroom, make sure they are well ventilated and perhaps install a fan to make sure the water vapor doesn’t condensate and wreak havoc.


So you found mold in your home. What do you do now? Mold cleanup can actually be quite painless and hassle-free if you call a restoration service upon discovery. A restoration service will identify the source, detect the mold, assess the damage, and quickly and efficiently take care of it. In addition, they can also take extra measures to prevent mold growth and ensure that your home is as safe and clean as possible. If you find mold in your home an live in the Long Beach area, you can call Stretch Cleaning and Restoration for help.