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The Thing About Mold: How To Handle It

mold cleanup lbi, mold cleanup long beach island, mold removal long beach islandA famous quote written by Ralph Waldo Emerson states that “nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” How true that is! There are many ways to relax. For some, it is turning on some music and swaying to the beat. For others, it is hitting the gym and working up a good sweat. Almost everyone has some way to relax and bring some sort of peace to themselves. There is, however, one thing that seems to bring the most peace and a moment of personal reflection in a person’s day. That thing is a shower. Isn’t it nice to get into a shower? Maybe it is the first thing you do in the morning. Maybe it is what you do at the end of a crazy day of work and errands. Maybe you take a shower twice a day! Whatever the circumstance may be, there always seems to be a bit of peace when one is in the shower. 

Nothing feels better than turning on the warm water, letting the steam fill the entire bathroom, and getting right in. As you take a moment for yourself, you tip your head back to let the water run down your body, and you notice something on the ceiling. Something sort of splotchy. Something black. Oh no- it’s mold! How did it get there? Your moment of peace becomes one of disgust and immediate panic. Before you have an ultimate freak out, there are two ways you can handle this situation. You can panic and poke at the mold above you, or you can take a deep breath and call the professionals. 

My suggestion would be to do the latter. There is no reason to make the day a bad one just because of some mold. Let the professionals take care of it. They are trained to clean and get rid of the mold permanently. Professionals like those at Stretch Cleaning and Restoration are perfect for situations such as this. Local to Long Beach, New Jersey, these specialists know how to handle your specific mold removal needs. As you call them, it is important to know a few things about it. 

  1. Mold likes to grow in wet and warm places: While you love your warm shower every day, what you may not realize is that the ceiling above you collects humidity and stays wet. When it does that, mold begins to grow. Although the growth looks bad on your side of the ceiling, it is surely worse on the other side. It has had time to collect and spread. Having professionals come and take care of it is the best way to insure that it is all gone. 
  2. Mold is a health issue: did you know that mold can cause some health conditions? The spores of the mold can spread throughout the air, and if untreated, you and your family may be at risk for some serious health problems. 

Now, in order to get back to your relaxing day where you can find peace again, remember to call the professionals and take a deep breath! You can handle any situation- even if it a black yucky one! Call today!