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What is Mold and How Do I Remove It?

mold cleanup lbi, mold removal lbiTwo very good questions. They may not be the type of questions that keep you up at night but they are valid. If you are able to understand what mold is and how it got into (could get into) your home, then you will be better equipped to prevent it.

What is Mold?

Mold is gross and it can be dangerous to our health but really, what is it? Mold is a type of fungus that can live indoors or outdoors. It thrives on moisture. Mold reproduces through tiny pores that travel in the air and land where there’s a good spot for more growth. Mold in the outdoors has a proper function to aid in the breakdown of leaves, wood, and other debris. You are exposed to mold spores everyday outside and it is harmless to you, however persistent exposure to mold in or around your home could cause issues. 

Health Risks

Mold can produce a strong, musty smell. The pro to the smell is that it can help alarm you of the issue and lead you to where it is growing. In addition to the smell, mold can cause issues for your respiratory tract. Those who are allergic to mold may experience symptoms such as sneezing, a skin rash, or a runny nose. Those whose immune system is compromised or who has asthma or another chronic lung condition may experience effects. Children are sensitive to mold as well. If any of these populations are living in your home, it becomes even more important to get the mold cleaned up quickly.

Where in My Home Will Mold Most Likely Grow?

Mold spores travel into your home through the air flow. Like mentioned, when they find a damp, moist area, they land and reproduce. It’s that easy. Areas that are commonly moist such as the kitchen, bathroom, perhaps a laundry room, or crawl spaces. Fortunately, we can help prevent this by preventing moist areas in our home. Keep air flowing through your house. Open a window or door if need be. With the humid Long Beach Island’s summer’s watch out for condensation around the air conditioner. Use a towel to keep it dry. Turn on a fan in the bathroom when it is in use to prevent water droplets from condensation on the walls. A good rule of thumb is to try to keep the humidity inside your home to below 60%.

Mold Removal In Long Beach Island

Mold is not something to mess around with. Even just a little mold can cause a problem. Before any mold remediation can take place, the moisture/water that harvested the mold growth in the first place needs to be addressed. Then the mold removal can occur. This is best done by a professional mold remediation company, like Stretch Cleaning in Long Island Beach (LBI). Mold removal experts are knowledgeable and have all the right equipment to get the mold cleaned up and removed correctly so you don’t have any problems with it later on.