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Most Common Causes Of Water Damage In The Kitchen

water damage restoration long beach islandCooking and cleaning in the kitchen wouldn’t be able to be done without water. However, with that being said, water in the wrong place can lead to disaster. When any amount of water is left to sit, water damage is likely to occur. With that being said, not all water damage is immediately noticeable, so it’s important to keep an eye out for any potential problems. 

Water Damage Restoration – Long Beach Island

Water damage can come from all sorts of issues from plumbing to appliance malfunctions. To make sure that water damage doesn’t affect your home, it’s beneficial to understand what the most common reasons for water damage in a kitchen are. 

Sink & Faucet

The kitchen sink and faucet are probably the most utilized in the kitchen. Because of that, it has the highest risk for problems if not properly maintained. When using the sink, make sure that you are properly disposing of excess food. If you do not have a garbage disposal, clean out the sink to avoid food clogging up the sink pipes. Additionally, be careful not to pull too hard on the sink sprayer as it can cause leaks below or above the counter. 

Keep an eye out for any leaks in the faucet, sink, or connected pipes. Gaskets, washers, and O-rings wear and corrode over time, so replace them whenever necessary. Moreover, if you notice that there is a leak somewhere, get it fixed as soon as possible, either by yourself or by calling a plumber. By keeping up on the maintenance, you will be able to minimize the risk of water damage. 


Appliances are a staple in any kitchen, as they help with cooking, cleaning, and storing food. However, with many of these appliances attached to water lines, there is a large potential for water damage. Any signs of leaking are not good and must be looked into immediately. 

Dishwashers are huge contributors to water damage, as they use lots of water to complete tasks. Improperly using them and not keeping on maintenance of seals and water lines can lead to leaks. 

Refrigerators are also likely to leak and cause water damage. Though it doesn’t use as much water as a dishwasher, there is still a risk. Water lines have the potential to break down, allowing water to collect underneath. Since these broken water lines are behind the fridge, there is a huge potential of never noticing the water damage. Water that is left to sit unnoticed will promote mold growth and damage the floors. To prevent this, some homeowners will lay a mat underneath to collect water. With that being said, be sure to dry it out often as it won’t be effective if it is constantly wet. Be sure to be careful pulling out the fridge to do so, as water lines can break. 

Staying on top of the general maintenance of any appliance is essential when trying to prevent water damage. Set a routine inspection for all of these appliances to ensure that you are on top of their maintenance regularly. Each appliance will need to be checked for different things which include but are not limited to: leaning out any necessary pipes or lines, replacing damaged parts, and calling professionals to help with any needed assistance. 

Though there are preventative measures that can be taken to avoid water damage, sometimes it is just unavoidable. Accidents happen to everyone.  If water damage does happen to you, there are professionals that can clean water damage to prevent any further damage. The experts at Stretch will begin water damage restoration on your home, no matter how little or big the damage. They will be able to bring your home back to the way it was.