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Professional Furniture Cleaning in LBI

furniture cleaning lbi

Spills, stains and pets can be a nightmare for your furniture. Small spills or stains can usually be removed easily, but in some cases, cleaning your furniture on your own can cause more damage.  Knowing when to call a furniture cleaning professional in LBI can save you a lot of wasted time and stress.

When Should I Call a Professional Furniture Cleaning Specialist in LBI?

If you have pets. People with furry friends can occasionally be overwhelmed by the amount of pet hair and stains that come with having a pet. When traditional vacuuming stops being effective, call in the professionals at Stretch Cleaning in LBI.  The odor from pet accidents can invade your entire home if not treated properly. The odor associated with the accident can also cause your pet to have an accident in the same area.

If you have children. Parents often find it difficult to keep stains from sticky fingers off of the furniture. Regular professional furniture cleaning in LBI can help your furniture survive throughout the years.

Parents of small children can find it likewise a challenge to keep up with the sticky-fingered assault of

If you have specialty fabric. Specialty fabric and material comes with unique cleaning responsibilities that most homeowners are not aware of. Attempting to clean these specialty fabrics on your own can easily turn into a disaster.

Furniture Warranty. Some furniture warranties are voided if it is not cleaned professionally.

A disaster occurs. If your furniture is exposed to water, fire, mold or any other environmental damage you should call a professional as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have your furniture repaired, the higher the risk of permanent damage.

Stretch Cleaning & Restoration prides ourselves on being environmentally conscious. We utilize a non-toxic cleaning process, no worries about harmful exposure to your family or furry friends! Call Stretch Cleaning & Restoration to professionally clean furniture in LBI!