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Soft Washing is an Effective Alternative to Pressure Washing

exterior cleaning LBI

Soft washing is an effective alternative to traditional pressure washing methods for cleaning the exterior surfaces of your LBI home. Soft washing uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to loosen and remove dirt, algae, mildew and mold that have discolored the surface of your siding, roof, fence or any other outdoor surface.

Soft wash exterior cleaning is safe for both your home and the environment, and uses significantly less water than pressure washing. Pressure washing your home is labor intensive, uses a lot of water, and does nothing to prevent the organic growth from returning.

If you are not convinced yet of the benefits of soft washing for cleaning the exterior of your home, read on to learn more about the benefits of soft washing and why it is more effective than power washing.

Soft Washing Will Not Damage Surfaces

Soft washing utilizes a low-pressure water system that will not damage your exterior surfaces. With pressure washing, there is always a risk of surface damage if too much pressure is used. Soft washing gently cleans the exterior of your home using a low-pressure wash and rinse system. It will leave your home clean and looking great.

Pressure Washing is Less Effective than Soft Washing

No matter how much pressure is applied, sometimes water alone is just not enough to remove some tough stains. Soft washing has a clear advantage, as the cleaning solution applied not only removes stains and growth, but also prevents growth from recurring within a certain amount of time. That means you will need to have exterior cleaning done less often than with pressure washing, and your LBI home will look great much longer.

Soft Washing is More Efficient than Pressure Washing

Exterior cleaning with pressure washing can be a labor-intensive task that uses a lot of water. Soft washing does not require close-up spraying of the surface like pressure washing, and therefore takes much less time. And because of the low-pressure system, soft washing uses significantly less water than pressure washing. The cleaning solutions used for soft washing are effective and will not harm the environment.

Soft wash exterior cleaning has clear advantages over pressure washing. If you are considering having the exterior if your LBI home cleaned, consider soft wash roof and exterior cleaning from Stretch Cleaning & Restoration.