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Dealing With Window Water Damage

water damage long beach island, water damage restoration long beach island, water damage cleanup long beach island, water damage repair long beach islandWindows are some of the best features of your Long Beach Island home. You choose them to highlight the ocean view, to add warm natural light and to create a friendly energy within your house. However, sometimes the problems allow wind and salt spray to degrade the materials in your home. Even new windows are susceptible to failure. 

Leaky windows require your immediate attention; the slow accumulation of excess moisture can cause additional damage. Plus, iff left untreated, rotten wood frames can begin to grow mold. Mold is not only bad for the structure, but also for occupants of the house and can lead to health problems.

Water Damage And Window Cleaning In Long Beach Island

It is imperative to correct the water damage problem before you repair OR replace the windows. Most new windows have a warranty of up to 25 years. But if there is any remaining water damage, you may be looking at another window replacement project three to five years down the road. Stretch Ceiling and Restoration may need to perform the necessary, more complex repairs like replacing insulation, drywall, and baseboards. After matching the texture and paint, your view will be better than ever. Here are some areas to look out for:


Leaking frames on the windows or patio doors pose major problems: structural damage, increased heating bills, and ugly results. Most window problems start small and go largely unnoticed unless you know what to look for. And while signs might seem minor at first, the issues will certainly get worse if ignored.This is especially true if water is leaking in through your windows and seeping into walls, floors, and ceilings.  


Due to normal wear and tear, one of the most commonly damaged areas of the window is the sill– the flat part along the bottom of the frame. It often gets damaged because it is a convenient place to set things: plants, pots and wet drinks. Our team will inspect the sills to determine the underlying problem to correct it. Then, if it is possible to just replace the sill, the team will. If the damage is more extensive, they might need to replace more of the window and surrounding structure. 

Window Casings 

Casings are not only the barrier between the outside elements but also a decorative element to convey a mood: traditional, classic, modern. Since they are exposed to moisture and damp conditions, window casings will see a lot of wear over time. They also expand and contract with the weather. Once window casings become splintered, gouged, soft and rotted, they need to be repaired to prevent damage from spreading. Again, our team will attempt to repair instead of replace whenever possible.


Proper maintenance is crucial to protecting existing windows from water damage. Addresses any broken or missing caulking at the window flange and at seams. Look for cracked glazing putty; a poor seal might allow moisture and condensation to get between double-glazed windows. Paint should slightly overlap from the window molding to the glass to create a tight seal.

Don’t Wait To Fix Window Water Damage

Beautiful windows are a specialty of Stretch Cleaning & Restoration. We believe you should be able to see the beautiful landscape through solid , reliable windows. Having your windows affected with water damage professionally repaired, gives you the time to do the things you enjoy doing as opposed to spending a whole weekend simply washing windows. The motto is “let us do the work today while you make memories that last forever!” For sparkling clean windows on Long Beach Island, call us.