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The Fire Damage Repair Process

Fire damage repair seems like a daunting process. Because fire is so destructive, and smoke and soot left behind are incredibly messy, it is important to have the right restoration team on your side. Fire damage repair processes typically follow steps in a certain order to reverse the damage in your home. At Stretch Cleaning […]

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Top 4 Causes Of Home Fire Damage

Fire disasters do not discriminate. They do not pick and choose who to affect, or whose lives it destroys. Fire disasters happen to anyone and everyone. And it is one of the most common ways homes are destroyed. Unfortunately, fires are mysterious and can start without suspicion.  Fires happen for many reasons. Here are the […]

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Four Steps You Should Take When Fire Damage Strikes Your Property

When an accidental fire ignites at your home or business, it’s hard to think past the smoke, blaring fire alarm, and the immediate panic that slams into you. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in all the anxiety that a fire prompts, and consequently not remember what to do. Whether you are in […]