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How SoftWashing can Help Your Home

Everybody wants to look their best, and that desire extends to how their home looks too. A dirty house exterior can prevent your home from looking its very best. The exterior of your home naturally gets dirty over time. Understandably, part of this is due to dirt and dust being blown onto it. While dirt and dust can be removed by the go-to power wash, power washing can be damaging to your siding and roof. Plus, it doesn’t do anything to prevent growths and staining. SoftWashing is an alternate method to clean your home’s exterior that works much better than power washing. This service is offered by Stretch Cleaning for homes located on Long Beach Island.

What is SoftWashing?

Because SoftWashing is not well known, some people may be either wary of it or unaware of its existence. SoftWashing is a process that gently cleans your home’s exterior on both sides and the roof. SoftWashing removes mold, bacteria, or algae growing on your home’s exterior in addition to removing dust and dirt. In addition to removing these living growths, it prevents growths from happening for an extended period of time in the future. This is because SoftWashing is formulated to remove growths, kill the fungal pests, and leave a chemical that prevents future growths.

Why Should I Choose to Use Softwashing?

SoftWashing has many different benefits that make it an excellent option for cleaning your home’s exterior. A huge advantage of SoftWashing is that it has been proven to be much gentler than power washing on your home. Because power washing is high pressure, it can damage your home with its force. Unlike power washing, SoftWashing is low pressure so it is gentle on your home while still being extremely effective in removing the grime and growths that build up on the exterior of homes over time.

Long Lasting

A clean from SoftWashing also lasts much longer than a clean from power washing. This is due to SoftWashing’s carefully formulated formula that is both aggressive on grime, stains, and growths and leaves behind a deterrent for future growths. By choosing to SoftWash your home, you are choosing to not have to clean your home’s exterior as frequently.

Environmentally Friendly

You can also have the peace of mind that you are being kind to the environment when you use SoftWashing. SoftWashing produces less waste than power washing. The chemicals in the formula for SoftWashing are biodegradable and non-hazardous so it does not damage your building or the surrounding nature.

SoftWashing is very versatile and is effective on brick, stucco, vinyl, concrete, cedar shakes, aluminum, composite, wood decks, roofs, and almost any other exterior home material you can think of.

SoftWashing is the perfect solution for your home cleaning needs and is effective, safe, and environmental. Please contact us for more information on our SoftWashing services.